what had happened was...

Soooo if I'm honest and I generally am, I've been slipping. I don't really feel bad about it though, because I've been slipping with purpose.

Let me explain.

I almost fell in love last year. I mean like tip of my toe ready to dip in the waters and fall into the abyss that I feel love could be...

at the last millisecond I was grieved to find that instead of water, I was about to stick my foot into mud. Perhaps quicksand would be more appropriate. 😢

Without going too far into that, just know that since October 2019 I've been working on me and the veil has been lifted. I am here, better than ever yet different. I love it, and have so much appreciation for those that rode the wave with me as well as those who I may meet during this evolution of Chocolate Chick Apparel. 2020 vision. May God make it so.

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